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PT 151



Staff Ice System has got a long tradition in production of machines for ice cream parlours and pastry shops. In our pasteurizers you will find only technological innovations, a contemporary design and an efficient dynamism. The necessary tool for every laboratory to reduce the bacterial charge of the raw materials and semi finished products, without compromising the food organoleptic and nourishing features.

1 mixing program for mixing

blanding and washing

1 pasteurising program at 90/95oC for the chocolate base mixtures to enhance the taste and the aroma

1 pasteurising program at 85oC for optimal solubilization of the most widespread mixtures

1 pasteurising program at 65oC with a break of 30' for the preparation of ice cream and fruit syrups for the keeping of the organoleptic properties of the ingredients

1 cooling/preserving/maturing program that keeps the constant temperature of the mix at 4oC

47 mix treating programs for recipes up to 95oC each free program can work easily and automatically with preset parameters

Full others functions...