Refrigerated and Frozen Equipment

Do you own a bakery, a butcher shop, a fish store, a convenience store, or any other food store? Are you looking for a reliable and professional supplier of refrigerated equipment to help you in the development of your project? Groupe Protec Inc is THE perfect company for you!

With over 40 years of experience in the sale and distribution of refrigerated equipment, Groupe Protec Inc offers you extraordinary service with the best warranty in the market.

Groupe Protec Inc is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the entire production line of Matko and Pastorkalt cooler refrigeration equipment. This is high-quality equipment that has proven itself over the years.

Do you have a short-term need? Groupe Protec Inc also offers cooler refrigeration equipment rental services of all kinds, adapted for your events, exhibitions, conferences, and much more.

Commercial Refrigerators

No matter what kind of refrigerator you are looking for or the type of business you run, we will be able to find the cooler refrigeration equipment that will meet your needs!

If you have a room with a large surface area that allows you to display most of your products directly on the floor or in your backroom, go for a 2 or 3 door refrigerator. Choose from stainless steel or glass, with hinged or sliding doors.

If you are more limited in terms of space, we offer 1-door refrigerators and under-counter refrigerators that will fit even the smallest space!

Discover our large collection of refrigerators today!

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Commercial freezers

Just like our refrigerators, our collection of commercial freezers will meet different needs and budgets. Discover our 1, 2, or 3-door freezers, available in stainless steel or with glass doors. You will store and access your products a lot easier. All our freezers are of superior quality and allow you to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

To see all our cooler refrigeration equipment, go to the freezer section.

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Discover our refrigerated, frozen, and dry displays. They allow you to display your food to your customers while keeping it at the perfect temperature.

To allow your customers to easily see and access your products, get yourself our self-serve displays and refrigerated islands. Those are perfect for beverages, prepared meals, desserts, and much more. Do you want to display your products without allowing your customers to help themselves? Not a problem. Discover our collection of refrigerated or frozen counter displays.

Check out our large collection of displays.

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Preparation tables

Our preparation tables are an essential item for various types of businesses: from small to large shops, and even restaurants. They are equipped with 1, 2, or 3 doors, and allow you to optimize any space. You will be able to prepare your food in a more efficient and hygienic way.

Discover our preparation tables today!

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Visit our spacious showroom of more than 10 000 square feet where you’ll meet our cooler refrigeration equipment professionals!

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Accessories & parts

Since 1976, Groupe Protec has been a leader in providing parts and accessories for refrigerated equipment. Whether you are looking for parts, accessories for your commercial walk-in cooler, freezer or dairy bar equipment, we will help you with our vast inventory.


Our qualified technicians are available to maintain, repair, start-up or complete winter storage of your equipment. At Groupe Protec, our team of specialized technicians offer an exceptional service, and also offer multiple different types of Maintenance contracts, in order to reduce operational costs. Inquire with us today, how you can benefit from these programs.