Refrigerated Containers for Sale

An essential piece of equipment for any industry selling and shipping fresh goods, the refrigerated container is absolutely worth the investment! Here are technical features of our refrigerated containers (interior height, exterior dimensions, interior dimensions, interior volume, storage capacity, cooling capacity, etc.) and their many advantages.

Advantages of Refrigerated Containers

  • Maintain product quality
  • Control temperature
  • Provide versatile storage for different types of products
  • Ensure durability and longevity

Insulated containers, so you can maintain the cold chain

The “cold chain” is the process of maintaining a controlled and constant temperature throughout the production, storage, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

It is an essential process that ensures the quality, safety, and efficacy of perishable goods, and also contributes to preventing economic losses. That is why quality refrigeration equipment is the obvious choice.

In fact, the cold chain is mandatory when it comes to storing and shipping perishable goods such as food products, as it ensures compliance with health and safety standards.

Technical Specifications

For starters, all our refrigerated container units include these basic features:

  • Complete urethane insulation and industrial plastic-coated wall paneling and interior ceilings allow for easy maintenance and consistent temperatures.
  • These containers can operate in outdoor temperatures ranging from -5°C to 45°C, making them suitable for a wide range of harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures.
  • An inner base made from galvanized steel or aluminum checkerplate ensures durability, while the tractor or forklift pockets make the container easy to move.
  • A compact wall-mounted refrigeration unit is installed on the side of the container and runs on a 120-volt power supply, providing precise temperature control with a hot gas defrost system, unlike regular containers.

Small container (10’ x 8’ x 56’’H)

This economical 10-foot refrigerated container is made from heavy-duty steel, perfect to maintain your products at cold temperature. Two swinging doors at the front and a top panel that opens towards the back allow for easy access and loading.

Large format (12’ x 8’ x 8’H) (7’ x 10’ door)

This competitively priced refrigerated container is built from rugged marine-grade steel. With a panel insulated door, it’s easy to load and unload products.

Plus, this size of containers is compatible with accessories like chain blocks.

Who are refrigerated containers made for?

Any company that stores and ships perishable foods, drugs or other products would benefit from a quality cold storage solution, thanks to Groupe Protec equipment. This includes:

  • The agri-food industry: slaughterhouses and swine production (deadstock bins), poultry plants
  • The food industry: restaurants, farmers’ markets, etc. (fresh or frozen foodstuffs).
  • The pharmaceutical industry: laboratories, pharmacies and more (drugs, probiotics, etc.)
  • Chemicals that are sensitive to temperature changes and that need to be stored appropriately
  • Other products requiring controlled temperatures.
A refrigerated container for sale at Groupe Protec

For Your Refrigeration Solution, Choose Groupe Protec

With the Groupe Protec range of refrigerated containers, you can rest assured that your products will be stored right and maintain their quality, while meeting health and safety standards. Durable and long-lasting, these containers are sure to be a good investment for your business. A quality refrigerated container will offer your clients total satisfaction, while avoiding any losses!

In addition to containers, Groupe Protec offers a range of services like refrigerated trailer rentals.

Cold storage, cold rooms, freezer rooms, and blast cooler of all sizes including custom equipment… Contact our team for assistance in selecting equipment customized to suit your needs.