Different products related to cold rooms

We are THE benchmark for custom cold room manufacturing. We offer incomparable service and sturdy, high-quality products. We can customize the equipment and the installation according to your needs for any type of operation.

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Products related to cold rooms

Doors: Multiple door models are available for your project. Our doors are suitable for industrial environments. They are subject to strong constraints in terms of cold. Our specialist will be able to assist you with the selection of the different doors (sliding, revolving, etc.). We can also offer you fire doors. All our doors and the hardware accessories that we use are of very high quality.

Panels: We use insulated panels that meet the strictest energy standards. We have new or used cold room panels. Our panels are easy to maintain, resistant to rust, and will keep their beautiful appearance for many years. Although most of our projects are custom-made with continuous panels, we also have “Camlock” panels that can be very useful for smaller-scale projects.

Floors: For cold rooms or walk-in freezers, multiple possibilities are available to insulate the floor. Whether it’s concrete or non-slip checkered aluminum plates, our specialist will be able to advise you on the ideal floor.

Hardware: We offer you a wide range of quality accessories for your project. Whether it’s choosing the right handle, door clasp, weather stripping, protective plates to prevent any damage, hinges, access ramps, and more, our specialists are there to guide you.

Refrigeration systems: Groupe Protec doesn’t just install your cold room with its carpenters; it also offers its expertise in installing the entire refrigeration component with its qualified refrigeration technicians.
Our team of refrigeration technicians (no subcontracting) will advise you in choosing your installation and offer you solutions tailored to your needs. Our equipment is cutting-edge and high-quality. The components used in the installation are guaranteed. You will therefore have a cold room equipped with a refrigeration system installed according to rigorous standards and unparalleled attention to detail.

Frequently asked questions

Do we take on projects outside of Quebec?

Certainly. Our teams of carpenters can travel outside of Quebec without any problems.

Which types of businesses may need a cold room?

The possibilities are virtually endless: restaurants, convenience stores, florists, food wholesalers, food distributors, butcher shops, laboratories, and many others.


Special projects

Groupe Protec Inc. has hundreds of projects to its name. From small convenience store cold rooms to funeral home mortuaries, combo rooms (walk-in refrigerators/freezers), clean rooms, and large refrigerated warehouses, we’re there to meet your needs.