Here are examples of services offered by Groupe Protec.

Groupe Protec is recognized in all of Quebec for the quality of its refrigeration and frozen equipment, dairy bar equipment, cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses. The reputation of our service and our qualified professionals (sales representatives, draftsmen, estimators, refrigeration technicians) is well established.

Sales and installation for commercial refrigerators and freezers

At Groupe Protec, we understand the imperatives of reliability and efficiency of refrigeration equipment for professionals. That’s why we offer a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers designed to meet the specific needs of each industry sector. Our services include:

  • Personalized consultation to identify solutions that precisely match your criteria
  • Installation performed by qualified technicians, ensuring optimal commissioning of your equipment
  • Ongoing support to ensure the proper functioning of your installations

Repair and maintenance of commercial refrigerators and freezers

The operational excellence of your refrigeration installations is crucial for your activity. Groupe Protec offers repair and maintenance services that ensure continuous and optimal performance of your equipment. We have a network of expert technicians, capable of responding quickly in the event of a breakdown to minimize any production downtime. Our services include:

  • Preventive maintenance to avoid failures
  • Quick and efficient repairs
  • High-quality replacement parts for increased longevity of your equipment

Manufacturing and installation of commercial cold rooms

Custom cold room manufacturing is one of Groupe Protec’s specialties. Our solutions are fully customizable to adapt to the dimensions and specifics of your space and products. We offer:

  • Design according to your needs
  • Use of cutting-edge insulating materials for optimal preservation
  • Secure installation compliant with current standards

Repair and maintenance of commercial cold rooms

Groupe Protec is committed to keeping your cold rooms in optimal condition with a comprehensive repair and maintenance program. Our interventions extend the life of your installations and ensure their energy efficiency. Our services include:

  • Regular inspections to detect and solve problems before they become more severe
  • Repairs performed by specialists
  • Practical advice for the daily maintenance of your installations

Maintenance and repair of dairy bar equipment

Dairy bars require high-performance refrigeration equipment to offer quality products. Groupe Protec specializes in maintaining these devices, ensuring their proper functioning, season after season. Our technicians provide:

  • Accurate diagnostics for effective intervention
  • Quick repairs to minimize impact on your service
  • Maintenance advice tailored to your activity
  • High-quality, certified spare parts to extend the life of your equipment

Dairy bar courses for professionals

To help you maximize the use of your dairy bar equipment, Groupe Protec offers training sessions for professionals. These sessions are designed to improve the skills of your staff and optimize the efficiency of your operation. Participants will learn to:

  • Properly handle equipment to extend its durability
  • Detect early signs of problems to prevent breakdowns
  • Apply the best hygiene and maintenance practices