Commercial Frozen Yogurt Machine

Frozen yogurt machines are gaining in popularity in restaurant supplies and other fields. Diet-conscious customers will be a little more inclined to eat frozen yogurt or frozen tofu rather than ice cream.

For over 45 years, Groupe Protec has been a family business specializing in:

  • the design and sale of refrigerated equipment;
  • cold room service and installation;
  • the sale of specialized equipment for dairy bars of every size.

We also design cold rooms, walk-in freezers, and refrigerated warehouses.

Our range of commercial frozen dessert machines will satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth! Our mission is to offer dairy bar owners the chance to outfit themselves with the best dairy bar equipment available on the market.

Thanks to our frozen yogurt machines, your customers will be conquered by tasty desserts!

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Why opt for a commercial frozen yogurt machine?

Opting for a frozen yogurt machine has many advantages. Frozen desserts are timeless delights that each of us has loved (or loves) at one time or another in our lives.

However, it’s clear that this often-guilty pleasure is now in competition with one of its main variations: frozen yogurt. Indeed, the latter has the reputation of being less harmful to our health.

The debate is far from over, though, since both forms of sweets each have their strengths and weaknesses, and especially because, at the end of the day, tastes differ according to the individual.

Do you want to make your own gelato, ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt?

To choose the right frozen yogurt maker, our experts are there to guide you. As the exclusive distributor of the Staff Ice brand, several types of equipment are available to you to provide the best quality products at every serving.

  • We have batch freezer machines of all capacities
  • Pasteurizers
  • Multi-purpose machines (Robotcream, Pastocream)
A frozen yogurt made with a commercial frozen yogurt machine

For all your special projects, trust Groupe Protec

For all your special projects, don’t hesitate to call on our specialists. We offer comprehensive support service. We’re proud to be distributors of refrigerated equipment from the following companies:

  • Electro Freeze: industrial ice cream and slush machines
  • Staff Ice: commercial machines for making gelato, ice cream, sorbet, pastries, etc.
  • Resfab: yogurt machines
  • Pastorkalt: refrigeration equipment, display cases, and refrigerated counters
  • Matko: refrigeration equipment, display cases, and refrigerated counters

The only limit is your creativity, because our experts are ready to take on all the challenges to make your vision a reality. For example, our experienced carpenters can design a custom walk-in refrigerator or freezer or quality refrigerated warehouses with the specific volume of product you need.

We can also take care of manufacturing specialized commercial refrigeration devices and industrial cold rooms thanks to our exceptional certified refrigeration specialists and carpenters. We also make custom light chocolate temperers with a warming space below. Whether it’s for 9, 18, or 21 hole units, this light table will delight both merchants and customers.

Experts at your service

Ready to conquer your customers’ taste buds with the proper machine? Contact our technical department, which is available 24/7! If you have any questions about our frozen yogurt machines and services for dairy bars, contact us. We will be pleased to take your call and guide you to the ideal equipment choice.

As an expert in the dairy bar field, our incomparable parts inventory consists of custom refrigerated equipment with the best warranty on the market! We have a personalized refrigerated trailer rental service and offer preventive maintenance for any type of machine and refrigeration equipment. We also train future dairy bar owners, with financing available.

As you can see, our quality work makes our reputation and our expertise. We honour our commitments and always keep our promises!