Dairy Bars

Are you a creamery owner looking for a professional and reliable dairy bar equipment supplier to partner up with you on your project? With over 40 years of experience in the sale, distribution, and installation of refrigerated and dairy bar equipment, Groupe Protec Inc. is THE perfect solution for you!

Whether you are looking for soft ice cream, slush, gelato, frozen yogurt, or any other dairy bar accessory, such as chocolate tempering machines, we will find the equipment that best meets your needs!

Discover our showroom of over 10,000 square feet where you will meet our team of professionals ready to assist you today.  Groupe Protec is official Electro Freeze’s ice cream machines distributor since 1978.

Ice cream, sorbet, gelato and popsicle machines

No matter what the specialty of your dairy bar is, you will surely need a soft ice cream machine to help you create your sweet delights. To serve your customers as fast as possible, the equipment must be easy to use and easy to clean.

Being an integral part of your creamery, this dairy equipment should last longer and be able to withstand prolonged use for many hours a day. That’s why, no matter which model you choose, you can be sure to get the best quality on the market with Groupe Protec Inc. We can guarantee you that.

Discover our large collection of ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and popsicle machines.

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Slush machines

Created to last long and to serve high-quality beverages quickly and efficiently, our slush machines will satisfy all customers, no matter their age.

Check out our wide range of countertop and self-serve slush machines and ice drink machines for dairy bars and convenience stores.

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Frozen yogurt machines

This increasingly popular frozen dessert has become a must-have for any dairy bar. Choose between the installation of dairy equipment at the back of the counter or the self-service option to offer a more personalized choice to your customers.

Discover our frozen yogurt and tofu machines today.

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Our dairy bar equipment includes a variety of products, such as gelato displays, chocolate temperer and swirl machines, to add variety to your frozen dessert offerings.

For all of our dairy bar equipment, visit our equipment section.

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Groupe Protec Inc. is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Ideal Choco products.

Ideal Choco is a Montreal-based company that offers a wide range of superior quality Belgian chocolate. Our Belgian chocolate coatings for soft ice cream are exceptional. They will always maintain the same consistency, so you will always have the same amount of chocolate on your ice cream. They are made with the best ingredients available on the market, some of which are vegan. The chocolates are delivered in 1 kilo resealable bags that you can heat in hot water or the microwave. They can be stored at room temperature for several months without any problem.

Discover our Belgian chocolate flavours at idealchoco.com

Accessories & parts

Since 1976, Groupe Protec has been a leader in providing parts and accessories for refrigerated equipment. Whether you are looking for parts, accessories for your commercial walk-in cooler, freezer or dairy bar equipment, we will help you with our vast inventory.


Our qualified technicians are available to maintain, repair, start-up or complete winter storage of your equipment. At Groupe Protec, our team of specialized technicians offer an exceptional service, and also offer multiple different types of Maintenance contracts, in order to reduce operational costs. Inquire with us today, how you can benefit from these programs.