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Ice cream or Frozen yogurt. Soft-serve is an easy sell, made even easier by the consistent, appealing treats produced by Electro Freeze soft-serve machines. The Pioneers of Soft-Serve As you’d expect from the soft-serve pioneer, we offer equipment choices to meet many different needs. Select from single flavor or flavor twist models in high-capacity or space-saving designs. Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profitability, exceptional durability, and easy maintenance. And remember excellent customer service comes with all Electro Freeze soft-serve machines.


This high volume, front-loading freezer with refrigerated cabinet was designed for high-traffic specialty ice cream and custard stores. The two-flavor twist machine is great for all mixes, but especially high butterfat mixes like custard and premium ice creams. Our pressurized machines consistently produce a smooth and creamy product. Perfect for full-menu ice cream stores and custard shops.

Specifications : Mix Hopper Size: 1; Freezing Cylinder Size: Two 5 quarts; Voltage: 208/230; Motor: Two 2 HP; Compressor: Two 8

800 BTU