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These high-end refrigerated grab & go displays will certainly enhance your products.


Narrow refrigerated display cabinet KRISTINA ideally suited for use where space is limited. Dumper front glass is placed in the aluminium profile that fits in the massive aluminium bumper, the element of lighting in the upper part is also covered by aluminium profile. Under the stainless display area is a refrigerated understorage which can be used as a hand storage during the day. The cabinet has been manufactured with ventilated cooling and / or as ambient cabinet, for the sale of biscuits. There is a possibility to multiplex them and incorporate an intermediate service counter. Kristina display area is made of stainless steel. All the insulated parts are produced from polyurethane injected panels. Frontal curved glass is manufactured from tempered safety glass. Aluminium profile situated in front of cabinet ensures protection against damage.

High-end equipement

Automatic defrost

Refrigerated undercounter for quick access

Very quiet

Possibility to add corners 45 and 90 degrees

Perfect for limited space.