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These high-end refrigerated displays will certainly enhance your products.


The serve over refrigerated counter Klaudia suits every interior with its round extension and round sidewalls. It is equipped with a ventilated refrigeration, with an evaporator place under the display area, with an airflow securing the refrigeration of the display area from the bottom and the following refrigeration of the products in the display area. Simultaneously is also refrigerated the storage, which is accessible through the door at the back wall of the cabinet. The display area and exhaust grid are from stainless material. For alleviation of the cleaning are these panels easily removable without using any tools. The front curved glass is lifted up by pistons. The light is fixed at the back legs under the fancy aluminium profile. KLAUDIA range involves plenty of different types of cabinets those could be built into the integrated lines – ventilated, self service, pastry, warm, cakes, etc.

Digital temperature control and automatic defrost

Refrigerator undercounter for immediate replenishment

Easy to assemble with another Klaudia for a unique look

High-end design

Very quiet

Modification and/or custom available.