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Ice cream or Frozen yogurt. Soft-serve is an easy sell, made even easier by the consistent, appealing treats produced by Electro Freeze soft-serve machines. The Pioneers of Soft-Serve As you’d expect from the soft-serve pioneer, we offer equipment choices to meet many different needs. Select from single flavor or flavor twist models in high-capacity or space-saving designs. Whatever model you choose, you can count on superior profitability, exceptional durability, and easy maintenance. And remember excellent customer service comes with all Electro Freeze soft-serve machines.


This single-flavor, pressurized soft serve freezer consistently produces smooth and creamy ice cream, custard, or frozen yogurt. This machine is excellent for high butterfat mixes like premium ice cream and custard. Perfect for specialty buffets, high-volume restaurants, amusement park kiosks, and additional flavors in ice cream stores.

Specifications : Mix Hopper Size: 1; Freezing Cylinder Size: 5 quarts ; Voltage: 208-230 ; Motor: 2 HP ; Compressor: 8

800 BTU